~ Current Work ~

Online Historical Map Georeferencer (OHMG) ~ slides

For my Geography M.S. thesis at Louisiana State University I am putting together a web platform to facilitate crowdsourced georeferencing of historical maps, based on the geospatial content management system GeoNode. There will be a lot more to say about it soon, but in the meantime you can view the slides that I used for a presentation at the GeoNode Virtual Summit in December 2020.

~ Old Map Projects ~

I've been georeferencing historical maps for fun and for work for a number of years. Though the projects I've worked on are all over the place, and some no longer available online, I try to maintain and reuse the map layers here as well as possible.

"QGIS and GIMP for Enhancing Historic Maps" ~ slides ~ video

In July 2020 I presented at the QGIS North America virtual meeting about how I use GIMP to edit georeferenced historical maps.

"New Techniques for Old Maps" ~ notebook collection

For a digital humanities course in fall 2019, I made this collection of Observable notebooks to illustrate some new ideas and techniques I like to use with historical maps on the web.

Armed Forces Retirement Home, Washington, D.C. ~ web map

This was a staging ground for 2015 work I did on the Armed Forces Retirement Home implementation of Arches (afrh-iris.com).

Natchitoches Parish, LA ~ web map ~ notebook

View the many historic map overlays and custom basemaps that I created for the Cane River Heritage Inventory & Map, which is no longer maintained. These included scans of "Captured Confederate Maps" I obtained through the National Archives (see the notebook above for more information).

Vernon County, WI ~ web map

This web map features two special layers related to Vernon County: a 1967 US Army Corps of Engineers map of the Kickapoo Valley Reserve and a LiDAR-derived relief basemap that I made in TileMill.

~ Other Projects ~

Cane River Memories Interviews ~ audio

I worked with these recordings a bit for the Cane River Heritage Inventory & Map, and I've left them available here for the time being, as that project is no longer maintained.

Observable Notebooks

I use Observable a lot to create web maps--sometimes to share ideas, other times to just test out new layers.