Historical Map Georeferencing

My current thesis research is based around georeferencing historical maps in a collaborative, crowdsourced environment.

Web Maps

Observable Notebooks

I use Observable a lot to create web maps--sometimes to share ideas, other times to just test out new layers.

Natchitoches Parish Historic Maps

This was a testing ground for the historic map overlays and extra basemaps that I included in the Cane River Heritage Inventory & Map.

Vernon County

This map features a two special layers related to Vernon County: a 1967 US Army Corps of Engineers map of Kickapoo Valley Reserve and a LiDAR-derived relief basemap.

AFRH Historic Maps

Staging ground for 2015 work on Armed Forces Retirement Home historic map overlays. These will be used in the new Arches installation for the AFRH.


Cane River Memories Interviews