Adam C F Cox


  • MLIS – Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA (2022)
  • MS, Geography – Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA (2022)
  • BA, Anthropology – Lawrence University, Appleton, WI (2011) Phi Beta Kappa | Minor: Music

Employment History

  • Legion GIS, LLC, New Orleans, LA – GIS Developer and Owner (2016 - present)
    • Started company with partner (see below for consulting project examples).
  • Self-employed, Viroqua, WI – Freelance GIS Consultant (2015 - 2016)
    • Various cartographic and spatial data work (see below for project examples).
  • National Park Service, National Center for Preservation Technology and Training, Natchitoches, LA – GIS Specialist (2012 - 2015)
    • Created nation-wide geodatabase of cultural landscapes for NPS Cultural Landscape Inventory program, based on existing non-spatial CLI database.
    • Designed, built, and published ArcGIS toolbox with 30+ tools to aid with creation and use of geodatabase.
  • Territory Heritage Resource Consulting, Anchorage, AK – GIS and Cartographic Technician (2011 - 2012)
    • Managed spatial data from fieldwork, created historic aerial imagery and historic survey plat overlays. Made maps for report deliverables.
  • Lawrence University, Appleton, WI – Anthropology Dept. Research Assistant (2011)
    • Researched and created spatial database of historic houses on campus.

GIS-Related Consulting

  • Getty Conservation Institute, Los Angeles, California. (2015 - 2019)
    • Created and managed technical documentation efforts. (live)
    • Traveled to Asia (Singapore, Hong Kong, Taipei) to present at Arches informational sessions (2015)
    • Assisted with materials and presentations for Arches user workshops (see below)
  • Endangered Archaeology of the Middle East and North Africa (EAMENA), Oxford, UK (2018 - 2019)
    • Various customizations of their installation of Arches, (live)
    • Work on Arches implementation for the Royal Commission for Al Ula, Saudi Arabia. (live)
    • Designed and built Django backend for Heritage Bridge, heritage inventory mapping app (demo)
  • Hong Kong Stair Archive, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong. (2017)
  • Vernon Trails, Viroqua, Wisconsin (2017)
    • Designed and created "Vernon County Adventure Map" 19 x 26 inch foldout brochure
    • Custom built basemap with 10 road bike routes and elevation profiles for each one
  • Theban Mapping Project, American University in Cairo, Cairo, Egypt. (2017)
  • Crawford Stewardship Project, Crawford County, Wisconsin (2016 - present)
    • Designed and built "Karstography", an interactive mapping platform for geologic sink classification and publication. (live). Django, Leaflet, Geoserver.
    • Designed and led web-based volunteer efforts to analyze historic well drilling reports (WDRs) for evidence of karstic activity.
  • Florida Public Archaeology Network (2017 - present)
    • Implemented and customized Arches to create the Heritage Monitoring Scouts database. Gives citizen “scouts” limited access to archaeological site data for condition monitoring. Also used by state land employees. (live).
  • Armed Forces Retirement Home, Washington D.C. (2015)
    • Implemented Arches for internal cultural heritage management tracking and public engagement. (live)
    • Georeferenced and integrated 12 historic maps into the mapping interface.
  • Cane River National Heritage Area, Inc., Natchitoches, Louisiana (2014)
    • Mosaicked, georeferenced, and integrated dozens of historic Louisiana maps into the mapping interface. (archived demo)
  • Crossroads Resource Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota (2013 - 2015)
    • Made maps for reports on regional food distribution

Teaching Experience

  • Assistant Instructor, Technical Support – Arches Developer Training, 4-day workshop, Swindon, UK (November 2018)
  • Assistant Instructor, Technical Support – Arches Workshop, 3-day workshop, John Moores University, Liverpool, England (March 2017)
  • Instructor – Introduction to QGIS community course. Viroqua, Wisconsin. (Summer 2016)
  • Assistant Instructor – Geography/Geology course at Youth Initiative High School (Spring 2012)
    • Planned and led geography and geology-related fieldtrips.
  • Writing Tutor – Lawrence University, Appleton, Wisconsin. (Fall 2010 – Spring 2011)

Peer-Reviewed Publications

  • Barton, C., Cox, A., Delgadillo Cruz, S., and Hansen, J. “Cultural-heritage Inventory Implementations: The Versatility of the Arches System.” Association for Preservation Technology International (APTi) Bulletin. 48 (4): 19-27. 2017. Print.

Conference Presentations

  • Cox, A., 2021: Creating a Public Space for Georeferencing Sanborn Maps. Presentation for NACIS 2021, Oklahoma City.
  • Cox, A., 2020: Extending GeoNode to Support Historical Map Georeferencing. Presentation for GeoNode Summit 2020, Virtual Conference, Dec 7-9.
  • Cox, A., 2020: QGIS and GIMP for Enhancing Historical Maps. Presentation for QGIS North America, Virtual Conference, July 17th, 24th, 31st.
  • Ringhoff, M., Ausloos, J., and Cox, A., 2019: Designing an Arches Database. Paper presented at 2019 California Preservation Conference, Palm Springs, California, May 8-11.
  • Cox, A., 2017: Two Arches Implementation Case Studies. Paper presented at 2017 CIPA Symposium: Digital Workflows for Heritage Conservation, Ottawa, Canada, August 29-September 1.
  • Barton, C. and Cox, A., 2016: Using the Arches Open Source Web Application as a Cultural Resources Management Tool. Paper presented at Association for Preservation Technology International Conference, San Antonio, Texas, October 30 – November 2.
  • Dalgity, A., Myers, D. and Cox, A., 2016: Technologies and Approaches for Rapid Surveys. Paper presented at National Alliance of Preservation Commissions Forum, Mobile, Alabama, July 27-31.
  • Cox, A., 2016: Arches: A New Open Source GeoInventory Platform. Paper presented at 29th Annual Wisconsin Land Information Association Conference, Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, February 10-12.
  • Cox, A., 2013: Mapping the American Cemetery: Using GIS in Historic Preservation. Paper presented at Louisiana Studies Conference, Natchitoches, Louisiana, September 20-21.

Conference Attendance

  • NACIS Annual Meeting, Oklahoma City (October 2021)
  • GeoNode Summit, Virtual Meeting (December 2020)
  • NACIS Annual Meeting, Virtual Meeting (October 2020)
  • QGIS North America Annual Meeting, Virtual Meeting (July 2020)
  • QGIS Southeast Regional User Meeting, Chattanooga, Tennessee (October 2019)
  • Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting, Washington D.C. (April 2019)
  • Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting, New Orleans, Louisiana (April 2018)
  • FOSS4G International Conference, Boston, MA (August 2017)
  • ESRI User Conference, San Diego, CA (July 2013)

Workshop Presentations

  • Dalgity, A., Myers, D and Cox, A., 2017: Introduction to Arches Version 4. One-day workshop presentation at 2017 CIPA Symposium: Digital Workflows for Heritage Conservation, Ottawa, Canada, August 29-September 1.
  • Cox, A. 2017: Implementation Considerations. Presentation at Liverpool John Moore’s University Arches 3-Day Workshop, Liverpool, U.K., March 28-30.
  • Cox, A. and Enriquez, A. 2017: Introduction to Arches Version 4. One-day workshop presentation at Computational Applications in Archaeology, Atlanta, Georgia, February.

Workshop Attendance

  • Developing with GeoNode (2 sessions), GeoNode Summit, Virtual Meeting (December 2020)
  • Arches Community Workshop, 3-day workshop, London, UK (July 2014)
  • Section 106: An Introduction, 3-day course, Madison, Wisconsin (November 2011)

Technical Skills

  • Geospatial – QGIS, ArcGIS, Trimble 7x, Pathfinder Office, Google Earth Pro, GDAL/OGR, Postgres/PostGIS
  • Web Development – Django, Leaflet, OpenLayers, AWS, GeoServer, Linux, Apache, Arches
  • General – Python, Adobe CS, GIMP, Inkscape, MS Office, HTML/CSS/JavaScript, pgAdmin, git/Github